What is motorsport hackers.?

At Motorsport Hackers, we're all about the real hustle, the unsung heroes who make up the beating heart of the motorsport industry. Our community is a vibrant blend of those who live and breathe motorsport – the enthusiasts, the dreamers, the innovators.

Our sole purpose? It's simple: to bring value. We're not here for the glitz and glamour; we're here to roll up our sleeves and help you thrive in this exhilarating world.

From hidden job offers to nomadic adventures, we're your trusty sidekick on this thrilling journey. Every piece of content we create, every connection we facilitate, it's all aimed at one thing – making your motorsport experience richer, more rewarding, and more exhilarating.

So, if you're a true hustler, a genuine motorsport enthusiast, you've found your tribe here at Motorsport Hackers. We're not just about the industry; we're about the people who power it. Together, we'll redefine what it means to hack the motorsport world, one authentic value-driven move at a time. Stay tuned, because the ride is just getting started! 🏁💪 #AuthenticHustle

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Instead of telling you we have great content and that we're the best, we're just motorsport hustle people looking to bring value. If, in the process, we also can help you, and bring a good time, we'll be super stoked!"

This is what you will find in motorsport hackers;

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Outside the box motorsport content - nice things to know 🧐, for race results you already have 1000 places to check. we are not into that.

Hidden + ALL Motorsport job offers - this is when things are coming more interesting, a marketplace platform to search ALL, yes, ALL motorsports jobs offer. Whoever is hiring is listed there. Or well, at least we try it. Rather than look for tens of websites, we put it all in one place. 🤫

Outside the box motorsport PODCAST - Random conversations with the people who really move, life and hustle the motorsport industry🎙️. (hope to see you soon as a guest 😉, drop us a message 📧)

Tips to help my day to day - useful information to help you out on your daily basis. Nice tricks BTW 😶‍🌫️

New interesting things and ideas 💡- those things and ideas that you always had on mind and you would love to make it happen one day, well, here we share it and we talk about it.

Nice profiles to follow - you don’t need to follow them, but we look for interesting people and profiles to bring value ⚖️. (non of our content is sponsored)

AI - big fans of the AI, so you will see some cool stuff around 🤯.

Motorsport Nomad life - This life of rockstar must end some day or another (LoL)…airports, rental cars, trips, hotel, baggage, packing, long days, not the best food... Let’s share some insides and tricks to help mitigate the hangover 🪂 .

Ways to generate extra income - well, why not? it’s always good to know how to get some extra 💰 in the pockets.

Share playlist music with others - we want to know your favourite playlists share with other and create new ones 🎧.


What is the source of your data?

We tirelessly scour the web to find all the companies and teams that are hiring so you don't have to. Our work is a daily, non-stop effort. We gather and paste company and team website or LinkedIn links wherever they've posted their job openings, all for your convenience.

We're not a job board or platform. Instead, we're here to copy and paste online information, making it easy for you to find what you need. Our search extends to race teams, motorsport companies, automotive firms, and those we believe would be valuable connections or opportunities.

We have one singular goal: to simplify your life and provide assistance.

Can I add my company jobs?

Yes, You can simply send us an email with the following information: the link where the job is posted (this could be on your website, LinkedIn page, Instagram, Twitter…, or any job board), the company name and logo, email contact, website, and country. We'll post it for you, and the best part is, it's completely free!"

I found jobs that are not on your website, why does is this happen?

Even though we work tirelessly to search the entire web for job postings from companies and teams, it's a challenging task. We update our search engine and processes daily, but it's still a significant undertaking. If you'd like to assist us by forwarding any job postings you come across on the internet, we would greatly appreciate it. You can send us job listings from companies that we don't have in our database, and we'll gladly add them.

How can I interview someone from motorsport hackers?

Yes you can, just send us an email, and we will make it work some way or another 🤙.

What is a motorsport nomad?

Motorsport Hackers, often referred to as 'Motorsport Nomads,' are individuals who frequently travel and relocate to various countries or cities in pursuit of their dream jobs within the motorsport industry. They are highly mobile professionals who work remotely, whether as employees for motorsport companies, contractors for industry firms, or even as entrepreneurs running their own motorsport-related businesses.

The stereotypical image of Motorsport Nomads involves constantly moving from place to place, perhaps every week or few weeks, while working on laptops by picturesque racetracks. However, as we've entered 2023, this image has evolved. Even Most Motorsport Hackers now have to stay in one location for extended periods, some other can stay home and travel just for the races. This sounds ideal, but when you put a long race calendar like F1 or MotoGP and some testing and other events, you are not spending so much time at home…

It isn’t an easy life, but we enjoy most of the process.

The term 'digital nomad' has seen its fair share of misuse and exploitation over the years, often associated with dubious online courses and get-rich-quick schemes. This has led many remote-working travelers in the motorsport industry to be cautious about using this label. Unfortunately, alternative terms haven't gained widespread acceptance yet. However, as remote work continues to become mainstream in the motorsport world, the 'Motorsport Nomad' concept is poised to replace outdated terminology. It's becoming increasingly normal for professionals to work from different countries, driven by personal preferences and their passion for motorsport." 🏁🌍

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